Tank Terminal Service Provider

The tank facility is located at Samutprakarn Province. Our storages, with the size range from 100 cubic meters to 6,400 cubic meters and total capacity of 52,900 cubic meters, are specifically built to serve different grades of liquid chemicals.

Toll Manufacturing

We offers standard blending and filling services of various kinds of chemicals such as metal surface cleaners, water treatment chemicals, etc. Our services are composed of production planning, technical consultant, blending and filling & packing services. Warehouse and logistic services are also available to our customers.

Chemical Testing Service

We offers chemical testing service operating in the standard laboratory with regularly maintained and calibrated equipments conforming to ISO 9001 and standard assuring the accuracy of the testing results.

Logistic Provider

Logistic services is one of the main functions within our company. One of its primary processes is considered to the management of the just in time flow of goods from our warehouse and tank terminal to the nominated destination in order to meet customers satisfaction.