Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

At Witcorp Products not only do we emphasize the importance of the quality of our products and services, but also the importance on Safety, Health and Environment.

The following are policy and work regulations on Safety, Health and Environment:

  • Strictly implement and monitor compliance of the laws and regulations in terms of quality control, safety, health and environment to meet customers' requirements

  • Utilize energy and resources economically

  • Reduce waste and recycling materials in order to control and reduce our direct impacts on the environment

  • Conduct activities and projects to minimize and mitigate it's environmental impact to improve the quality of life of the employees, customers and society

  • Control, improve, and monitor to prevent unforeseen accidents that could occur in the workplace and be proactive in the work place environment for the maximum safety of all employees

  • Develop human resources in terms of knowledge, to be proactive, and have an acute awareness toward protecting natural resources, the environment, and responsibility for the all of society